What are the different types of loans offered by Loan on Time?

Borrowing money from someone for the sake of fulfilling your requirements has become essential in this pandemic era. With Loan on Time, you need not feel like denying from taking loans at floating interests bound to some conditions. Therefore, for covering your debts well, we never hesitate in offering assistance regarding Loans at a low-interest rate.

Moreover, being a reliable service provider in the market for more than a couple of years, we believe in extending our hands and provide loans for your personal use, property, commercials, businesses, and some projects too. Let’s take a quick recap on the loans we provide to our customers.

Various Types of Loan provided to our customers round-the-clock

Before you fill an Online loan application, this is necessary to double-check the eligibility criteria plus the documents required to complete the loan process within the estimated period. The reason is that it will help us verify your identity and analyze whether or not you actually require a loan and can pay the EMIs at pre-approved interest rates.

Right now, you might be curious to know the types of loans we offer. So, here is the list: -
  • Personal Loan
  • This is the first loan service we offer so that you can fulfill various purposes of your life with flexible repayment methods. Also, this is much secure and is an ideal choice for clearing all your debts at lower interest rates. Depending upon your expenses, you can finance your personal loan online after submitting documents in the correct order.

  • Business Loan
  • When you Apply for an instant loan for expanding your business horizons, this is necessary to keep in mind the interest rates plus the processing fees. The reason for the same is that the rate of interest charged on this type of loan is higher. For instance, Capital First – a financial institution – imposes approximately 24 percent interest rate plus 3 percent tax on the same.

    Loan on Time is here to guide you well with the aspects related to loans for your businesses. Our team will tailor your requirements well and help your business operations run well in this pandemic.

  • Project Loan
  • Projects which you are planning to scale may either be related to construction, petrochemical, accounting, automobiles, etc. With Loan on Time, there is a huge scope for you to capture profit-margins from your projects – without thinking much of EMIs and loan tenures.

    In case the investors feel that this Loan at a low-interest rate won’t be accomplishing their futuristic goals, it’s high time for them to showcase their trust in us. This will help them get their requirements fulfilled in a cost-effective manner.

  • Loan Against Property
  • Though there are advantages related to the loan you have taken against the selected property, yet some myths are also there. Many think that one applying for a loan against property will receive the loan amount equals to the total value of the property.

    Also, some think accepting higher interest rates for a property loan is a better choice rather than giving up their collateral(s). However, such myths won’t be lasting for a longer time as Loan on Time is here to resolve such misconceptions and help you Apply for a loan against any of the properties in a fearless and trusted manner.


    Different types of Loans and their terms and conditions won’t eliminate your daily hustles. Apart from the above four loans, there are other types of loans offered like car loans, home loans, education, and commercial vehicle loans.

    So, if in case you feel like there is still something missing in the services Loan on Time has been offering for more than a couple of years, then you can visit our webpage and fill the form. Our experienced professionals will review this and find the solutions which work sincerely working round-the-clock.